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    Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield


    Apply online or give us a call at (661) 418-5675 to see if you qualify today!



    You can either apply online or give us a call at (661) 418-5675 to get started on your loan today!


    You will need to have the required documentation in order for us to process your application for a Bakersfield title loan. We don’t require a lot but your application will be processed faster if we receive all of the information at once.


    Within 24 hours of turning in your paperwork, you can have the cash deposited directly into your checking account or pick up your cash from any location with MoneyGram.

    Find the Best Rates on Car Title Loans in Bakersfield CA


    A car title loan’s benefits are numerous. You get your money within no more than 24 hours and it takes only a few moments to apply.

    You’ve come to the right place if you have an urgent financial need. We focus on assisting people that need cash fast in Bakersfield, CA. Obtaining a cash advance by means of your car title is easier than you might imagine and hassle-free as opposed to a traditional bank loan.

    We’ve had many repeat customers, due to our capability to provide friendly service and sizable cash loans. We always keep your best interest in mind. From beginning to end, we want you to feel as though your needs have been completely satisfied.

    You don’t have to come in to our location to apply; you can do so right now online from the convenience of your home. All you need is a computer or smartphone!

    How Do Auto Title Loans Work?

    It’s really quite easy. You won’t have to spend lots of time on the application process; we strive to provide a quick and painless experience. Once you are approved the lender will temporarily hold on to your vehicle’s title. The title is used to secure your auto title loan by being held as collateral. In return, you will receive an amount of money that is equal to the present market value of your vehicle.

    You won’t need to relinquish control of your car or truck and can continue driving it daily without worry of any interruption to your daily schedule or routine.

    All you need to do to receive a car title loan in Bakersfield, CA is:

    • Briefly hand over your title to your lender as security.
    • Receive an amount of money that is determined by the current worth of your vehicle.
    • Drive your vehicle as normal and recover possession of your title as soon as your car title loan is paid
      in full.

    Poor Credit? No Credit?

    100 dollar bills laid out

    A car title loan is perfect for those who don’t possess an excellent credit history and need cash quickly. Your previous financial history will not be used to determine your approval. Instead, we look at the ownership status of your vehicle.

    When applying for a loan through a bank or other type of lending institution, you are required to submit a credit check. This increases your chance of being refused for the loan if your score is low or nonexistent.

    The opposite is true with car title loans. Even with a bankruptcy or foreclosure on file, you can still get approved. We feel that everyone should be able to get approved for a quick loan. Our car title loans are for everyone!

    Since we do not require a credit check, the approval process is much quicker. You don’t have to wait days for paperwork to be analyzed. You will just have to supply certain information and information on your vehicle. What are you waiting for? If you’re trying to find a quick and safe way to get the extra cash you need, call Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield at 616-418-5675 today!

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