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Jason S., 09-15-14

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In financially troubled times people may find it difficult to get approved for loans, and part of the reason lies in the weakness of their credit, which results in low credit scores. Past loans and issues in repayment can create a weak credit score. Many lender’s look poorly on bad credit and expect individuals to opt for more expensive loans with unfavorable conditions. Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield completely changes the mold, offering loans to the general public regardless of credit history.

10211_woman-holding-cashBig Car Title Loans Bakersfield creates loans that are approved within 24 hours, with very reasonable, competitive interest rates. The lower rate is good news for all borrowers because it reduces the burden of repayment considerably, and such loans are ideal when one is deep in a financial crisis that threatens to create difficulties for the household.

We offer a simple application process, producing cash in as little as 24 hours. All the borrower needs to bring along, is their proof of residence, income, driver’s license and car title. A car title loan looks at the value of the clients car to determine the loan amount. The age of the vehicle is not usually an issue, however it is always better if the car has been maintained well.

Repayment plans are flexible and created to work with the borrowers specific needs. Unlike many other loans that are unreasonable and hard to repay in a short period of time, car title loans use only the ownership of your vehicle to secure the loan. So, if there is ever a problem with the repayment plan you have, we will work with you to rework the loan into a more feasible payment plan for your needs.


Should you choose to pay off your loan early, you will never have any penalties for doing so. At Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield, it is actually recommended that you pay off the loan early.

When your finances hit rock bottom and the going gets tough you know that you can contact Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield.  Don’t wait any longer. Visit the Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield website, and fill out the form at the top of the page to begin the process.

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You can either phone (661) 418-5675, apply online or visit us at our local office to find out if you qualify for a title loan.

2. Required Documents

You will need to have the required documentation in order for us to process your application for a Bakersfield title loan. We don't require a lot but your application will be processed faster if we receive all of the information at once.

3. Receive Your Money

You can choose to have your money direct deposited into your checking account or you can pick it up in person at our Bakersfield office.
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