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I got $5000!
I applied for a title loan a few weeks ago and they wired the funds into my account the same day. It was just the cash I needed for my business.
Jason S., 09-15-14

Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield Solves Financial Woes

Let Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield Solve All Your Financial Woes

People often face situations where they don’t know what they are going to do or where the money is going to come from.  Banks are very peculiar about who they give loans out to. They force people to go through many formalities and penalize them for their poor financial decisions of the past. Big Car Title Loans focuses on today, your credit history is never an issue. They can get you the cash you need in no time, compared to banks, which can sometimes take weeks. Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield eliminates the hassle.

Core reasons why Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield holds is the best when it comes to tackling emergency cash shortages:

  1. You don’t have to wait long for your cash: No time is wasted filling out piles of paperwork and waiting through all of the typical formalities. When you apply for the loan, it takes a matter of minutes. The only requirement is that you own your vehicle free and clear. Once this is determine and we have the appropriate documents, you can have your cash in just 24 hours.
  2. Take as much money as your vehicles value permits: Competent professionals assess the car’s value and the lender fixes the loan amount to meet the consumers repayment capability. Most emergencies are easily tackled using these readily available funds.
  3. Low Interest Rates and No Hidden Fees: It is the nature of pawnbrokers and payday loans to  charge huge amounts of interest rates. This is not the case with our title loans. Here the rates are reasonable and one doesn’t have to stretch their budget to afford them.
  4. Bad Credit Not An Issue: Even bankruptcy will not stop you from applying and qualifying for a car title loan.  There’s a simple logic to it; it’s your vehicle ownership status and capability to repay the loan which determines your eligibility.

Big Car Title Loans Bakersfield happens to be one of the most exciting products to hit the financial market and it is geared to help many that are facing acute financial distress, and have no place to go.

If you are short on time, you can apply online and know if you are eligible in only a few moments.

If you are interested in obtaining a car title loan, this is what you need to submit, at the nearest Big Car Title Loans office:

  • Proof of income: Your last two most recent pay stubs.
  • Proof of residence: Copy of mortgage deed or rental agreement, recent utility bills.
  • Proof of Insurance: Insurance Card or Statement
  • Lien Free Vehicle Title

For more information on obtaining a car title loan, to apply or just get your questions answered, contact us, today!

1. Apply Online, Come In or Call

You can either phone (661) 418-5675, apply online or visit us at our local office to find out if you qualify for a title loan.

2. Required Documents

You will need to have the required documentation in order for us to process your application for a Bakersfield title loan. We don't require a lot but your application will be processed faster if we receive all of the information at once.

3. Receive Your Money

You can choose to have your money direct deposited into your checking account or you can pick it up in person at our Bakersfield office.
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